OGT Coastal Kitchen & Oyster Bar is the culinary partner to the Admiral’s Inn. Offering both warm and welcoming indoor seating and the al fresco pleasures of our outdoor cabana bar, this is a must stop if visiting Ogunquit!

OGT Coastal Kitchen & Oyster Bar was founded in 2016 and is located less than a mile from Ogunquit beach. OGT Coastal Kitchen & Oyster Bar pairs a casual atmosphere with a menu based on fresh ingredients and creative dishes with a focus on seafood. Join us for a craft beer or creative cocktail by the fire on our spacious patio, at the cabana bar or in the dining room for an experience that will keep you coming back. We celebrate this “beautiful place by the sea” by serving up the best in the OGT.

The big news this year is the unveiling of OGT Coastal Kitchen & Oyster Bar’s brand-new breakfast menu! Now in addition to the eatery’s much-loved dinners, you’ll be able to swing by in the morning and treat yourself to a magnificent version of the most important meal of the day.

What sorts of breakfast offerings will you find? Quite the varied spread, anchored by the signature OGT breakfast sandwich, rendered downright irresistible through the marriage of pork belly and hash.

Or maybe you’ll opt for a friendly stack of buttermilk pancakes, some vegetable hash and poached eggs, or take the classic route of eggs, hash browns, and toast. If you’re looking for lighter fare, try the OGT Kitchen’s housemade granola paired with Greek yogurt and dried fruit.

Oh boy, now we’re really getting hungry. And of course for dinner you can still plow into a kingly platter of oysters (among many other seafood and non-seafood pub-style offerings) for a genuine taste of the sea, crashing only a few blocks away.

Even if you’re just in the mood for a few appetizers, OGT Kitchen & Oyster Bar at the Admiral’s Inn makes a great hangout on a summer evening—especially given the decked-out spread of craft cocktails, fine wines, and beer available. Take it from us: There’s no better place to be for happy hour in Ogunquit that the OGT cabana bar!